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Sunday, 26 September 2010


these 3 things are what i am feeling right now. cold because autumn in japan has just started. sad coz i just came back from malaysia and i miss my mom and family so much!! alone because i am here home alone and haven't met my friends here just yet. basically i am attracting all these negative vibes as i would call them as post-holiday fever. the price that i had to pay for taking a really long leave!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

good, good news!

well i took me almost 2 months to write a new post here..hehe warui, warui hito. oh well what can i say i have no other excuses besides being really busy with work and sometimes just plain lazy.

ok a bit of update about my lab and research related stuff:
1. i changed my supervisor!! so first, i thought that the sensei that i contacted before coming here IS or WILL automatically be MY sensei. but no. after a year being here and after passing my entrance exam, suddenly he called me up and told me that i have to choose someone from my department to supervise me. he said he's only an advisor for me. it can be him..or anybody else. WT..?? so i had to talk to every sensei in my lab and finally chose a german guy to be my supervisor. and i also appointed my advisor to be my sub-supervisor. but then i was still unhappy about it and started to surf for other people..and then..boom out of nowhere i just simply discovered one american sensei who has a similar major to mine and interesting field of research too. i somehow got her contact details and made an appointment to see her. and all the while all i could think of..please please God let her want to have me as her student. so i met her, and was so, so happy that she was more than willing to supervise me. the only problem was, she's not from my department. to make it worse, she's not from the same faculty. but i went back to my advisor and my supervisor and told them about her. of course at first it was difficult and complicated but finally, it was all sorted out. so now, officially i have an advisor, one official supervisor and one outside supervisor for my supervising (international-jpn, ger, usa) team!! yokatta ne..which means with all these resouces, kena kerja lagi kuat la mcm ni..

2. what do u know..i found out that i had to present in nihongo for my happyoukai. it's not the weekly seminar for my lab which i was able to deliver in english most of the time. this time around it involved all 1st year students (masters and phd) in my school. and the requirement is to submit the materials in nihongo and give the presentation in nihongo as well. and my advisor said, "don't worry..u can do it" gosh i couldn't sleep for a few days because of this. but thankgod my tutor and my supervisor helped to edit my work, and i just had to practise and of course, i wrote all kanji yomikata in hiragana as well. i was so, so, so nervous but alhamdulillah it went fine. the commentator said that it was well planned. ureshikatta yo ne..dekita!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010


bismillah al-rahman al-rahim. dengan nama Tuhan yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang.

i promised myself to update my blog when i came to japan a year ago. but a year has passed and i've not written any posts there. and tonite, just tonite, amidst my unwell conditon due to my swollen tonsils..i had the urge to write something..and thus i decided to start a new blog. all over again. from zero.

so here it is.

so what now? where i do even begin?
sigh. masa belum datang sini bercita2 nak tulis blog hari2! siap berangan nak letak tajuk post as in day 2, day 2 etc. skrg dah day 400 kot haha :P
well what to do been busy studying (sightseeing too heee)

well like people say..it's better late than never. so i want to make another promise to myself to not let this blog down. eh kalau mungkir janji pada diri sendiri tu camne ye..hmm.

so let me end this first entry of my blog by sharing a web site Syifa Al-Hidayah which i got from my brother. bagus blog ni..amal-amalkan la ayat-ayat quran tu. moga2 ada yang mendapat manfaat.

oyasumi n wasallam.

p.s: kalo ada sapa2 wondering tajuk post ni apa..maksudnya first time. jya ne!!